Business English in 5 Minutes


No time to work on your English ? No problem ! This book is made for busy people like you. By spending 5-10 minutes a day on a lesson, you will review all the basics you need to survive in the Business world in under 2 months. This book has been used by hundreds of students of differents levels and categories (university, executives, employees...) and represents fifteen years of experience. Moreover, in this kindle version, 4 bonuses are offered: - BONUS 1: The (only) 50 irregular verbs you should know in the real business life. Forget the ones that are totally useless... - BONUS 2: The audio recordings of the lessons (available on a private page on our website) so that you have no doubt about the pronunciation of every word) - BONUS 3: The TOP20 idiomatic English expressions. Easy but powerful, they will make you feel more comfortable in real life discussions... - BONUS 4: The last (and best) bonus is... well it's a secret bonus you'll discover in the book ! You want to improve your Business English ? This book is made for you. "The method is perfect. A lilttle each day becomes a daily pleasure" Veronique, France. "Very good book, fun and effective method." Jean-Alexis, France

PDF Alycia Carey Jones download Business English in 5 Minutes

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