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PAPERBACK NOW INCLUDES FREE DOWNLOAD OF THE KINDLE EBOOK"THERE ARE SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE WAYS TO HELP PREVENT VERTIGO FROM TAKING OVER YOUR LIFE."Find out what works to help prevent attacks and lessen the intensity of vertigo attacks. The Author made a full recovery from Meniere's and now shares his practical and successful direct-action plan to cope with vertigo attacks. A self-help guide you can use everyday.Now you can have greater control over any vertigo attack. Follow the same simple strategy he calls BME (Beginning, Middle, End).Use the BME strategy and you will learnHow to predict an oncoming vertigo attack.How to take positive immediate actionHow to prevent an attackReduce stress anxiety and severity during a vertigo attackRecover faster after a vertigo attackThis is a self-help focused book, with the same easy, simple techniques the Author used himself to ultimately live a full life again, free of Meniere's disease vertigo attacks.Taking a unique perspective, based on his personal experience, this Meniere survivor, delivers an inherent understanding of the physical, emotional and mental effects of Meniere's vertigo and what you can do to help yourself. This is an holistic, positive, empowering approach to recovery. ABOUT THE MENIERE MAN SERIESWhen the Author was diagnosed with Meniere's, his ENT specialist handed him an A4 leaflet and told him to keep away from stress and to not eat salt. That was it! There were no books on the subject in bookstores or libraries. The internet was in its infancy - you couldn't even send an email. He had to take recovery into his own hands. Armed with hope, determination and a positive attitude, he recorded daily accounts of what worked and didn't work, until he amassed four years of handwritten diaries, daily journals and notebooks.Once he recovered health, he decided to write a series of books to cover every aspect of this multifaceted condition. Since publishing the first self-help memoir and a complete series of self-help books, the author hopes that the world for Meniere's sufferers, is a less frightening place.On completion of his first manuscript, three years later, he presented it to his two ENT specialists to review. Both professionals said, they believed, even medical people would benefit from his experience."Every life-changing event happens for a reason. If this book finds you on the same Meniere's journey, there are two things I'd like to add here. HOPE and my heartfelt and sincere BEST WISHES for a full recovery very soon. If I can do it, then so will you." "This copyright holder prohibits the use and distribution of their content from unauthorized sources. Support them by purchasing or accessing from authorized sources only. is the authorized DMCA Agent for this copyright holder."Similar related tags: inner ear, vestibular, low-sodium, low-salt, symptoms, vertigo, aural, audiometry, disability, diagnostic, onset-vertigo, ENT, specialist, deaf, deafness, otologist, cochlear.

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