Whisper in the Dark


Someone's fascination with the beautiful young widow, Ivey Lancaster, is becoming more bold with each gift that is left for her. When a gift is left inside her home, she is advised by the local police to leave Atlanta in hopes that her stalker's attention will shift away from her. She settles in the small town of Willow, Tennessee where she finds that her new neighbor is not only the Chief of Police of the small town; he also provides an intense distraction from the fear that had been plaguing her for nearly ten months. Excerpt: Something about him, beckoned her trust. Before she could think through her decision, the words flowed out of her mouth. She began with the day of her husband's funeral and the unusual note she had received stating that she looked beautiful and ended with the gift basket that had been the last straw. "You can imagine the terror that I felt when I realized that he had been in my house and left a pair of red silk panties, of all things." She shuddered. This time, she didn't jerk away from him, as he wrapped his arms around her; holding her silently against his chest. The fear that had been snaking through her body was slowly replaced by another feeling. A warm, bubbly sensation that rushed through her veins. Suddenly, she was very aware, of the masculine feel of the man that held her. She could feel the strength, yet gentleness in the arms that were encompassing her. She could hear the rapid beating of his heart against her cheek. Her hands rested against the firm muscles of his chest. Whoa, how did she become so aware of him? He was just offering her a moment of reassurance. She stepped back warily. She was no longer wary of him; this wariness was something totally new to her. Tate reluctantly loosened his grip on the beautiful Ivey. He realized that he didn't even know her last name. When was the last time he had felt so lost in a moment over a woman? Especially a woman whose last name was still unknown to him. His over-reaction to holding the lovely Ivey had been completely inappropriate. She had confided in him, only after he had identified himself as a police officer. In a way, he was listening to her story in an official capacity. The last thing he should have done was offer her a hug. No, actually the last thing he should have done was completely lose himself in the feel of her body pressed against his. In the few moments of their embrace, he had completely lost track of the fact that he was supposed to be comforting her; not becoming more aware of how desirable she was as a woman. And she definitely was a very desirable woman. Too bad he had just sworn off dating again.

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